Why My Gas Water Heater Isn’t As Hot As It Used To Be

//Why My Gas Water Heater Isn’t As Hot As It Used To Be

Ohh…Nooo… c-cold w-water! I’ve raised the thermostat, but the water temperature does not rise in tandem. That’s not a good sign.

It’s not just busted pipes or clogged toilets that necessitate a call to your local plumber; a lack of hot water can disrupt anyone’s day. 

If you’re having problems with your gas hot water system, don’t hesitate to contact the Hot Water Repairs Adelaide experts, who will determine the root cause and recommend the best solution for all hot water problems and appliances. 

Nobody wants to face a dark, cold winter morning without first taking a lengthy, hot shower. So, if Gas Hot Water Adelaide is becoming erratic, you have an emergency that needs attention. You must get to know what exactly the problem is. Is the temperature of your gas water heater too low? Is your water heater end of its useful life?

Whenever you find yourself in this circumstance, the most evident problems will necessitate the assistance of a professional plumber.

FAULTY DIP TUBEUsually, the dip tube directs cold water to the bottom of the tank, where it can be heated easily and quickly. When the dip tube breaks, cold water will stay on top of the tank and not heat properly, leaving cold water behind. 

 THERE IS NO HOT WATER. If you don’t have any hot water, check the following three things. 

  • Make sure the system powered is on.  
  • If your hot water system has a controller, make sure the controller is on, and the temperature is correct.  
  • Check all the gas appliances is flowing-if they are working, the gas supply is not an issue. 

If they don’t work, you need to call your local plumbers for repairing dip tubes on water heaters.  

PILOT FLAME DOES NOT IGNITE. Keep in mind that if the pilot light does not ignite, the characteristics of the instant gas hot water system require medium to high water flow to ignite the pilot light. Therefore, run the hot water faucet for a few minutes to see if it turns on.  

WATER IS LUKEWARM. Defective thermostats or diaphragms can replace hot water with lukewarm water. 

WATER IS SPORADIC. If you notice, water temperature fluctuates between hot and cold. Here are mention several things that can cause this. 

  • If the gas cylinder is too small, the system may not get enough gas. 
  • A defective showerhead or restrictor can affect the faucet’s function that you register as a “hot faucet”. 

LOWER WATER PRESSURE. If your water is lower in pressure than it should be, this can be related to the pilot light. Here are two main issues that could consider:

  • A thermostat is defective or malfunctioning.
  • On a cold day, the strainer valve has blocked.

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