What Is The Reason For Hot Water System Noises?

//What Is The Reason For Hot Water System Noises?

Like any other system, the Hot Water System Adelaide around indicates the problems or issues through a variety of noises that it makes. Each of the noises has its particular characteristics that could help you to interpret the exact cause of what is wrong with your hot water system. Overlooking these noises would lead to expensive repairs.  

Here is a list of different noises and what Hot Water Repairs Adelaide around it indicates!

  • Knocking or Hammering

It is more popularly known as water hammering among the plumbers. It is the result of the pressure surge in the hot water system’s internal pipe when the water is forced to stop entering or leaving the tank or change direction — the water bangs against studs or the interior of walls.

This issue is not considered to be caused by the water hammer, as per many of the plumbers. It can for sure lead to pipe burst, landing you in a greater degree of trouble. In certain scenarios, it has caused the expansion and deformation of the water tank. A water hammer arrestor or pressure-reducing valve is the ultimate solution to solve this problem.

  • Popping Sounds 

When the water is heated, it releases sediments that have the tendency to get accumulated. The water then gets trapped, turns into unstable steam bubbles in the caked sediments and forces itself out through it making the cracking and popping sound—the sound pitch increases as the thickness of the sediment accumulation increases.  

Apart from it, the popping sound is also caused by the aluminium anode rod when it is exposed to increased levels of alkalinity. 

In the first case, the breaking down of the built-up sediment and removal is the quick solution. For the second situation, just get the aluminium anode rod with a magnesium one. 

  • Screeching, Screaming, or Singing

The sound is similar to the one that you heard when the steam rushed out of the kettle. The simple cause of this sound is the considerable amount of water is to pass through restricted area. The most favourable scenario that results in a situation like this is when the valve is not fully opened. It would surely restrict the flow of water and cause these noises hinting at the pressure created. When this happens, ensure that all the values are properly opened, either at the inlet or outlet. 

Another potential aspect of this situation is the temperature and pressure relief valve. The function is to let the water escape in case if the pressure in the tank increases than usual. You would require professional help in this scenario, given the technical assistance requirement. 

Call The Professional!

Though sometimes the problems may seem not much of a big deal, they could be ticking time bombs waiting to blast. The Hot Water Repairs Adelaide around could be considerably expensive once the situation goes out of hand. DIY could be problematic as the system contains hot water, which could land on you if anything goes wrong. 

Better leave it on professionals, better leave it on us – Great State Plumbing!

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