Things You Can Do To Extend The Lifespan of Your Water Heater

//Things You Can Do To Extend The Lifespan of Your Water Heater

There is great significance of the water heater in every home. They save you from the chilled water baths during the cold days. You are on your way home, had a long day and need a warm bath to get rid of all the physical strain. As soon as you reach home and enter the shower, oh no, no warm water! Hot Water Repairs Adelaide could save you from a situation like this.

Having a water heater at the home is inevitable but the life expectancy of that system is in your hands. Here is a list of things that you can do to extend the life span of the water heater and increase your ROI as well as ensure the smooth functioning of the system.

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Regular Inspection

You can know if the electronic device is having any issue or not by inspecting it regularly. It will be updated regarding any change in the device so that you can address it at the earliest. Here are some of the things that you can double-check specifically along with the overall inspection.

  • Inspecting Gas Lines:

you know very well that these systems need extra caution when inspecting too as they can pose a threat to your life. When inspecting the heater make sure that there is no crack, rust or leak in the gas lines as this could cause some serious troubles if not treated on time.

  • Checking The Anode:

the anode is a piece of metal that is installed in the water heater to protect the tank from corrosion. The anode has a life span of its own, once corroded it is not more effectively functional and is not likely to protect against corrosion. So, check if the anode is corroded or not and if the water heater does not have an anode at all, consider installing one.

  • Inspect The Pressure Relief Valve:

one of the important elements to inspect as they keep the tank from exploding due to increased internal pressure. The affected functionality of this would end up being a very bad circumstance.

Cleaning And Flushing The Tank

The tank is susceptible to sediment build-up, debris collection and more. Flushing the tank would get this debris out and any colour change in the water will alert you of corrosion. The flushing will also clean the tank up.

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Installing Water Softeners

If your house has a water supply of hard water as in water with a lot of minerals this could have a bad impact on the water heater. Upon heating, these minerals can precipitate and scale up on the internal surface of the water heater. This has been found to be adversely affecting the life of the water heater. Instead, a water softener would get rid of these minerals and reduce the precipitation.

Always keep an eye on the functioning of the water heater will make you aware of the need for any Hot Water Repairs in Adelaide at the earliest. This would have a great impact on the lifespan of the water heater.

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