Most common causes of hot water problems

//Most common causes of hot water problems

The water heater is the basic essential need of every household that works behind scenes. It’s difficult to catch the hot water issue until it shows any signs hence, always get the necessary household appliances inspected by professionals. Plumbing issues can slowly turn into nightmares if it’s frequently ignored on the daily basis. Some issues can be fixed by basic knowledge and using home remedies but this might not provide you long-term relief so, instead of giving double efforts and wasting time, hire the experienced Hot Water Repairs Adelaide Company to get the guaranteed work.

The most common causes that lead to hot water problems are

1)      Leaks

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Leaks are the beginning of the plumbing issue; it is the most common issue that everyone faces in daily life. Leaks can occur due to improper temperature, uneven water pressure, and many other reasons. It’s important to take minor leaks seriously or else it never takes time to turn them into hazards.

You can easily perform basic troubleshooting at home such as

  •  Checking for loose plumbing connection.
  • Check for the loose heating element and tight it if required.
  • It might require replacing the gasket if it’s still leaking after tightening the heating element.
  • Check for leaks around the storage tank if any.


2)      Temperature issue

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This is the most basic and common reason behind the hot water problem, temperature issues are basically of three types that are

  •  Either the water is too cold.
  •  Water is warm, but not properly hot.
  • The water is very much hot.

The reason behind cold water is either due to a faulty thermostat or there is a fault in the heating element. For troubleshooting, try eliminating power to reset the circuit breakers. Check power switches and power indicators to check whether they are turned on. The most important thing is that thermostat should receive power for proper heating temperature. 

3)      Discoloration of water

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The change in the color of the water is a clear sign that the inner materials of the tank have been rusted and it might require replacing an anode rod to fix the problem. If it is an internal issue, call the professional hot water repair expert to get it fixed or it might need replacement.

4)      Odd noise

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Odd noises occur due to various reasons such as the building of debris or sediment inside the pipe or tank. Noises also occur due to improper water pressure. If the noise is because of debris build-up, it can be fixed at home easily by flushing out the water heater.

In case of old and stubborn sediment build-up, you might require professional service or hot water replacement.

Final words,

Nowadays, the majority of home-owners choose to install solar water heaters as it is feasible and cost-effective.  Always buy premium brand Solar Hot water Adelaide for the long-lasting guarantee and best service. Many brands provide warranties for free service and maintenance for specific years. Every electrical appliance is going to face issues after some years but choosing the right product can save from unnecessary expenses.

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